Red Gummy Bear Night Light


Gummy Bears were invented in Germany and made famous by Haribo. The squishy little candy bears are so yummy and colourful. And now there's a Gummy Bear that lights up when you squish its tummy. Light up the world one colourful Gummy Bear at a time!

  • Tummy switch - squish the tummy to turn the light on/off
  • Flexible, twistable, huggable rubber body
  • 7" in height and 3" wide
  • Fully portable (so you can take it with you)
  • Requires 2 AA batteries (not included)
  • A/C port (in case you want to plug in)
  • 60-minute sleep timer (it is a night light, after all)
  • Wall-mountable (requires nail or screw)