Mini Q Man Translucent Red Magnet

Radical, rubbery and altogether cool, Mini QMen make their presence known in offices, in homes, on school lockers… anywhere fun meets function.

Contortionists by nature, these little QMen look good all alone, in a conga line, involved daring feats of agility, performing breathtaking circular aerobatics, just about any way you connect their magnetic appendages. Prepare to be visually entertained and mentally riveted. QMen will make you smile, hold up important notes, photos, take-out menus, business cards – whatever strikes your fancy.

Each individual Mini QMan is fully bendable, posable, and magnetic at hands and feet. Made with PVC Rubber, each QMan is 2.25 inches tall & tough enough to withstand your antics. The question is... can you withstand theirs?

Mini QMan
  • Radical, rubbery, magnetic fun
  • Hold important notes, photos, menus, business cards
  • Magnetic at hands and feet
  • Irresistible bendable & posable fun
  • Perfect for home or office
  • Made of durable PVC rubber
  • Includes one magnetic Mini QMan
  • Color varies with stock availability