Audrey Park P. Lushes 6" Plush


Chill Vibes Only

Chill vibes only! You can find Audrey Park ice skating all the way from Oslo to Wollman Rink. When she isn’t spinning on the ice, she’s sprinkling a little kindness wherever she goes. Her fabulous fur is an elegant icy aquamarine embossed check plush with flashes of luxurious rose gold on her ears and matching eyeshadow. Her warm, turquoise eyes and rose gold glitter collar are perfectly accented by her adorable pearl nose.

Hometown: Oslo

Birthday: December 2

Series: Fashionista Wave 2

Release: August 1st
Fabric: Aquamarine Plush with Metallic Rose Gold accents
Collar: Rose Gold Glitter
Eyes: Turquoise with Gold Glitter eyeshadow