Michelle Boucle P. Lushes 6" Plush


I'm My Own Label

The theatre is calling her name! If you’re looking for Michele Boucle, check out the front row on Broadway! This theatre-loving plush puppy loves getting glammed up to check out the latest shows with her friends. And when she does, she’s a showstopper! Her purple boucle, tweed-textured fur, and soft, velvet black ears dazzle and delight onlookers. And we can’t forget her amethyst eyes and fuchsia glitter eyeshadow that perfectly match her shiny inner ears and glittering purple collar.

Hometown: Harlem

Birthday: May 6

Series: Fashionistas Wave 3

Release: October 1st
Fabric: Purple, Black & White Tweed with Metallic Purple accents
Collar: Purple Glitter
Eyes: Amethyst with Fuchsia Glitter eyeshadow