Bah-Ba La Creme P. Lushes 6" Plush


Everyone's Lucky Charm

Stop and smell the flowers! Ba-Bah La’Crème, the adorable fuzzy llama with a green thumb, makes gardening fashionable in her designer faux suede hooves. As she tends to her rose garden in Dublin, her super fluffy Sherpa plush keeps her warm and looking lavishly luxurious! Oh, and her matching bow and rose gold glitter collar add just a touch of shimmery shine while her sparkling topaz eyes are searching for the perfect succulent to add to her garden.

Hometown: Dublin

Birthday: August 14

Series: Fashionistas Wave 3

Release:October 1st
Fabric: Sherpa & Carmel Plush & Metallic Rose Gold accents
Collar: Rose Gold Glitter
Eyes: Topaz with Rose Gold Glitter eyeshadow